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Big Damn Heroes
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Girl's Dead - Part 1

I looked around, comforted by the fact I wasn't the only one who couldn't pay attention to Mr. Harlman's lecture about the American Revolution. Almost everyone in class was looking anywhere except Mr. Harlman, doodling in notebooks, staring out the window, texting, or reading another book inside their history book. Standard slacking. It really wasn't Harlman's fault, he just decided to give a fairly dull lecture the night after the History channel covered the same stuff he was, except History channel's version was so much cooler.

After staring for a little too long at Chase, I turned back towards her drawing, I really didn't know what she was trying to draw. So far it looked like a sidewalk with something lying on it. I was mostly focusing on shading first, always did.

'...color were the American soldier's uniform and why, Miss Annalise?" I could hear the smirk Mr. Harlman was wearing. But...

"They were blue, well the ones that had uniforms. They dyed them blue since indigo was one of the primary plants grown in the South and it was one of the only colors America had." I replied, trying very hard to keep my own smirk better hidden.

Mr. Harlman gave me a sigh, grudgingly accepted I was perfectly right, then continued the class. Afterwards, out in the hall, I ran smack into Chase. Apparently it was a good day for my luck.

"Oh man, Chase, I am so sorry I didn-" Okay maybe not such a good day, not with all that stuttering.

"Annalise, hey, it's okay. No harm done." Chase bent down and handed me back my bag. "Hey, nice way to show Harlman. Oh, did you hear about Kate's party?"

"Yeah, I did. How come?" I shifted a bit nervously and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"Just wondering if you were coming, Kate's parties could use someone with some wit."

I laughed, "Yeah, probably. But I'm not big on all the booze at them." There, I said it. I'm not a drinker, I hate alcohol.

"Yeah, well, this one is actually non-alcoholic. She got busted by her parents. Lucky for her, her parents are very relaxed. Just she can't have booze at the parties, she can have them other than that." Chase smirked at me, made me think he was actually interested in more than just Kate's party not having enough wit.

"Well, I guess I'll have to check with Kate then." I replied with my own little smirk. "I have to go, class, y'know, the next one we both have in 4 minutes."

"Well, want company for that long dark walk to boredom of the social studies kind?" Maybe I was lucky, this dark haired guy and this dark haired girl walked to class together. Maybe I'm finally getting some good luck.

Holy crap! I'm posting! Holy crap! A new short story! Holy crap! I have no idea where this is going. Yay random highschool romance thing? Also first person is completely new for me. Experimentation!

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