Big Damn Heroes

Big Damn Heroes
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Of Words and Wings

Hey, it's Schatz, just y' Flailing. But I was thinking...far too many things. Either way, here is an "excerpt" from a new story I'm entertaining. It's more than a bit unpolished, but hey, this is a blog, so suck it. Or something like that.

     Ask stilled his breathing. He could feel the Sieska moving into Omnathkulous's senses and it would not do for the Sieska to feel his breath and give up the whole ambush. Crouched in his dark alley, Ask had only a very narrow field of vision directly in front of him, so he had to rely on Omnath being able to sense and see their quarry. More often than not having your closest friend being a dragon was a plus.

   "Three heartgrips then strike, Etched Question." Omnath's thoughts sprung into Ask's mind. Following his instructions Ask prepared a rawbite, it took exactly three heartbeats to prepare if you were as skilled as he was, and then let it fly as soon as it was ready. As the rawgrip flew from his hands along with something akin to a garbled oath sprung from his lips, a moment of panic bloomed into Ask's mind, then subsided as the Sieska walked directly into the spell's path. Omnathkulous's timing was never wrong.

   Sieskas were extremely adept shapeshifters, very resistant to magic, cautious, and habitual. They also have the nasty habit of stealing reason from minds and being assassins and being completely unable to defend themselves against Hakoubliz spells, which rawbite happened to belong to. As such, the seething mass of energy slammed into this particular assassin, eliciting a horrible little shriek, and killing it instantly. Ask's task was done, his debt was payed, and now he just had to escape the city without anyone seeing that he had just murdered what looked like an upstanding citizen and then travel across half the country to use the favor he had just payed for.

 "You have such an uncomplicated life, Etched Question, it is a wonder you're ever stressed."

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