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Big Damn Heroes
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Inspiring Tale of Deidric Alabaster

Hey, it's Schatz, just y' Flailing. But I was thinking...Well I was thinking it's time to air out some of my older stuff that I had written, see if I couldn't refine them, get them working again, maybe finally grind a few chapters out of a book or something. Y'know, pretend I can actually write or something. Either way here is a (really) short story I wrote a while back, one of those dark comedy things. You might laugh, then feel bad for laughing, then hopefully laugh again. Either way, please enjoy.
(Does anyone ever have really paranoid moments about copyrighting?)

               There once lived a young boy with a dream, this dream of his was powerful, gripping, and completely engulfed his waking thoughts. This boy wanted to become a comedian. He wanted to become someone who would go and stand upon a stage and make people laugh until they starting to tear up and their sides hurt. Everyone always told tell Deidric he couldn't become a comedian every time he shared his dream with them. But young Deidric refused to relent on his dream, and so he bought all the comedy movies he could, and he watched all the funniest things on Comedy Central, he studied joke books like the bible, and would spend hours writing material.

                Deidric refined his entrances, his exits, his poses, and his smiles. He ensured that he could walk backwards across any stage without tripping and he could spin around and strike a pose at the drop of a hat. This young boy worked night and day to achieve his dream, never allowing the words of his friends, of his teachers, or of his family to discourage him. His comedic material was so well refined, and so funny that you could read just the beginnings of one of his acts and start to laugh uncontrollably. Young Deidric had come so close to achieving his dream of being a comedian that he could just taste it.

                Then one day, Mr. & Mrs. Alabaster came into Deidric's room and sat him down. They then proceeded to explain that he could never be a standup comedian, and he could never be a comedic actor, or any type of comedian. They said that his dream was impossible to achieve. So, he picked up his scripts and gave them to his parents to read, and after they were done laughing and managed to compose themselves they gave him a level look and said, " can never become a comedian...because you're mute."

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  1. Oh that's terrible! And I still laughed!

    and the tag list..."Happy endings" haha.