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Big Damn Heroes
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

When We Were

Have you ever looked back on something you used to love when you were a kid, then a few years later realized it was absolutely retarded? That's the realization I came to today when I tried to watch an episode of a show I loved when I was about 12 or 13, it was one of those import animes by 4kids (so obviously it had been horribly violated to make it "kid friendly") that played on Saturday mornings. The name of this formerly beloved anime? Shaman King. Yeah, I used to like that. I admit it, I probably didn't have good taste as a child, but I used to love Dragonball Z too.

Either way it was extremely infuriating when I was sitting around trying to watch Shaman King on YouTube (Is there anything [not-porn] you can't find on youtube?) and it just didn't measure up to the awesome ghost-dueling-something-furyukan-something-something-bright-lights-means-you're-really-tough show that I had watched back then. I thought it had to be a fluke, some sort of bad decision you have when you're young, like how I used to enjoy Dashboard Confessional, until I tried watching that old Avengers show that started in the late ninties. Anyone remember that one? The one with Ant-Man? Yeah. Turns out it was horrible. I still have the Ant-Man action figure from that show, and now I'm just...ashamed.

Is anything else like this that I'm missing? Am I still in love with old nerdy loves that are retarded and horrible, but I'm still convinced they're awesome?

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